IRS Amnesty Programs

The IRS Amnesty Programs for US citizens who have been delinquent with their past US tax filing obligations have gone through numerous changes since their inception about 6 years ago. Now, the latest program potentially forgives all penalties for most delinquent US citizens in Canada. Even if you have not filed FBARs or other reporting […]

What needs to be filed, with whom and by when? Not knowing the answers can be costly and may mean missing deductions or being subject to a 30% withholding tax. Our experts can help you file your Us rental income tax and structure the purchase to minimize your tax liability.

US Rental Income

There has been a significant increase in the number of Canadian’s purchasing investment properties in U.S. But investors do little to no planning from a tax perspective before investing in U.S properties. What needs to be filed, with whom and by when? Not knowing the answers can be costly and may mean missing deductions or […]

Taxes for American Expat

Our experts can help US expat file their taxes. If you are an American citizen living abroad we can help in preparing and filing your US tax returns. We have been providing US and Canadian cross-border tax services since 1999 and have clients in nearly every country of the world. Our tax professionals have experience […]

What is an ITIN Number ?

Many people ask “What is an ITIN Number?” Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) is a tax processing nine digit number number issued by the IRS. There are many reasons you may need an ITIN. Ajax Accounting Services can help clients in obtaining an Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITIN). Some of the most common reason are: […]

US Corporate Tax

If you are doing business in the U.S. you may be required to file us corporate tax returns and/or information returns even if the activities are limited. Failing to comply could result in large penalties. As a foreign company with US income your income will be taxed up to 30%. This includes income from any […]

Recover Casino Withholding Tax

We can help Canadians recover casino withholding tax back from US. The IRS requires that casinos and other gaming establishments withhold 30% of the gambling winnings of International visitors. However, due to the U.S Canada Tax Treaty, Canadians can recover all or significant portion of their casino withholding tax back. The tax refund is obtained […]