1 Month Of Free Bookkeeping

We are offering a one month trial of our bookkeeping services for free. That is right absolutely free. No gimmicks, no commitment, no hidden fees, and no strings attached. But why are we offering free bookkeeping services? We believe in our services We believe that we offer excellent bookkeeping services and we want to show […]

CRA & Overdue Taxes

What happens when you don’t file your taxes or have overdue taxes? There is an increase in number of people who have not filed their tax returns. It is understandable that there are many priorities in people’s lives and it is becomes increasingly difficult for person to catch up with their filing requirements. The CRA, […]

IRS Amnesty Programs

The IRS Amnesty Programs for US citizens who have been delinquent with their past US tax filing obligations have gone through numerous changes since their inception about 6 years ago. Now, the latest program potentially forgives all penalties for most delinquent US citizens in Canada. Even if you have not filed FBARs or other reporting […]

When Should I Incorporate

To Incorporate or Not Incorporate…The Age Old Question! The decision to incorporating a business is based on an individual client’s circumstances and needs. Our experts can help you decide if incorporating is right decision your business, and implement the ideal corporate structure to reduce taxes and meet your financial goals. Listed under are some reasons […]

What is an ITIN Number ?

Many people ask “What is an ITIN Number?” Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) is a tax processing nine digit number number issued by the IRS. There are many reasons you may need an ITIN. Ajax Accounting Services can help clients in obtaining an Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITIN). Some of the most common reason are: […]