Payroll integration with other corporate software and processes

Payroll has a lot of moving components, and nothing makes them all operate together like working with a payroll service provider. Employers can eliminate duplicate data entry, save time, and reduce errors by connecting related activities. The following software and business processes are often compatible with payroll.

Benefits of payroll integration

Payroll integration can offer a number of benefits for employers. These can include more accurate budgeting for payroll expenses, up-to-date compliance with government regulations, and real-time updates to payroll policies. By integrating payroll with accounting software, employers can get a clear picture of how much revenue is dedicated to payroll costs. Similarly, POS integration can help employers track

Why Do Companies Hire Payroll Service Providers?

payroll compliance

When it comes to payroll, compliance is key. Payroll service providers can offer employers a number of compliance-related services, from tax filing to wage garnishment processing. These services can help employers avoid costly penalties and fees associated with non-compliance.

payroll fraud prevention

Another benefit of working with a payroll service provider is the added layer of protection against payroll fraud. By outsourcing payroll functions, employers can rest assured that their payroll data is safe and secure. Additionally, many payroll service providers offer fraud monitoring and prevention tools, such as identity verification and direct deposit fraud detection.

We provide full payroll services that help you focus on growing your business.
In addition to employee payroll we also offer specialized nanny / caregiver payroll services, our services include:

• Registration with TPN and CRA/WSIB
• Determining the monthly tax, CPP, and EI amounts you are legally required to pay)
• Integrating the taxable benefit of room & board, if your caregiver is live-in
• Calculating other taxable benefits if your caregiver is live-out
• Generating the T4 & T4 summary at tax time & providing Employment Standard compliant paystub report
• Completing the ROE form should your nanny leave employment for any reason