Canadian Taxes

There are three levels of government in Canada — federal, provincial and territorial, and municipal — offer a wide range of services and programmes to their residents. Governments take your taxes and give them back to you in the form of free education, health care, roads and highways, and a variety of other social services.Canadian  taxes are levied by both the federal and provincial/territorial governments, and are, as the name implies, a tax on your earnings. Consumption taxes or sales taxes are also levied. The Goods and Services Tax (GST), provincial sales taxes, and, in some provinces, the Harmonized Sales Tax will all be encountered in Canada (HST).

Business taxation

Business tax is often overlooked. Small business owners have a lot of responsibility in terms of tax returns, and CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) can impose penalties and interest charges if businesses fail to comply.

Our experts can help your business comply with CRA taxation guidelines, and provide reporting to you on the various government taxes:
• Corporate income tax
• Harmonized Sales Tax (HST)
• Payroll taxes
• WSIB/Employee Health Tax


CRA requires that Canadians to file their returns by April 30 or June 16 if self-employed. Due to complexity of the Canadian tax system and constantly changing regulations, it is too time consuming and complicated for the average person, to prepare their own tax returns.
Our team can help file your taxes and ensure you receive the maximum refund.
We can also provide following assistance for your taxation needs:


• Tax return for Self – employed
• Return for Rental Income
• Estate tax returns
• Deceased tax returns